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Maxim's Nam An Restaurant

Maxim's Nam An Restaurant

13-15-17 Dong Khoi, District 1, HCMC


Tel: (08) 38 296 676

Fax: (08) 3823 0644

It might be several months that we have been stucked at work or the cycle of life.  This is probably caused by the bustle, hustle land of Saigon itself, allowing us to forget the bright colors of life. However, there should be a change and to reward ourselves on a pleasant weekend and with the introduction from some of the colleagues, we decided to pay a visit to Maxim's Nam An – a restaurant located on Dong Khoi Street, the city’s downtown.

Despite a prepared mind to explore, experience new things and wait for the surprise that one of the colleagues had prepared, we were still overwhelmed right from the first impression. Upon the arrival at Maxim's Nam An, a new breeze came up, which gave us the thought of being dressed in the prince’s apparel next to the noble duke,  looking elegant in harmony with some classical music characterized the Western style. Apparently, the melodious Mozart's music performed by the trio on stage, such a distinctive red color of Maxim and the ancient, majestic architecture of France were lulling us into so many beautiful dreams. Besides, passing by the table in the middle seemed like pacing in one of the scenes of the movie “The Lover", a film about Saigon in 1920s.

Straight to the small room, we sat ourselves in the right position and could not stop being amazed. A wooden room going with stylish exquisite carvings, silk curtains employing the opposite tones of color, warm space not too restrictive or discreet but not too wide or revealing, and others might only be recorded, true to the feelings, as “perfect".
Suddenly, we realized that the space over here was not only magnificent and ancient but it also featured something very close and comfortable. Certain items in the form of paintings, vases or flower pots made prominent a natural array that significantly refreshed the entire room.

Indeed, the most vivid part started when the food was to be professionally laid out on the dining table by the waiters. All the dishes were exquisitely, skillfully and meticulously processed in a true European style, and yet, it took us by surprise as they still maintain bold Vietnamese distinction. The party took place gently with asparagus crab soup beautifully decorated and Ben Tre styled squeezed beef characterized Western gastronomy.

Then there came the pure flavor of the lotus leaf rice. The lotus’s aroma blended into separated, pliant grains of rice with sweet taste of shrimps and fleshy lotus seeds, and more importantly, the cooked rice is meticulously wrapped in green lotus leaves, which should be easily recognized.

We took turn to experience the essence of the decorative arts and in such luxury of European-styled space together explored the essence of homeland cuisine indicated by vegetarian mixed fried vegetables, roasted crab with tamarind, sour soup with fish and other fried dishes.


The meal really ended when desserts were brought out; that was what contributed to the complement, did satisfy and refresh us all.


Then again there was a little regret for we had yet to taste other specialties from the three regions (the cuisine of the distant North, the bold flavor of the sunny Centre and the way the South region’s dishes are made could not be fully enjoyed in a prompt meal). These reasons in combination resulted in our decision to come back for more for further learning about Maxim's Nam An Restaurant. Everyone was very happy to receive an informative introduction from the manager via which we got to specifically know about concert programs, unique dance performances scheduled every night from 7:00 PM and especially an express lunch menu. Such a luncheon with a prompt service ensures not only the appetite but the limited course of time as for the people whose job is related to office tasks like us. That was then just fine and we were out of worry that the delicious food at Maxim's Nam An would apparently be missed.


Maxim's Nam An is truly a unique, sophisticated combination between the majesty as well as the magnificence of French architectural style and the warmth of Vietnamese cuisine. This is a perfect destination for travelers away from home that want to feel the closeness of the homeland and enjoy the dishes diffent from domestic ones, for couples or groups that want to experience a brandnew feeling in the joyfulness of cuisine, or for businessmen longing for some association with their partners. With us, the restaurant is such a right place in terms of not only delicious foods but also a new sense recorded through the deep soul. Actually, there exists certain truthfulness in the way it is entitled “the best in Saigon".

Thanks very much indeed for a wonderful evening that Maxim's offered. See you soon!

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